Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Roses

I picked these yesterday to adorn the breakfast table - the sweetest prettiest pink roses I've seen.

I wish I could post the sounds of the birds that I sat and listened to this morning - not sure why but the last two mornings they have been magic - maybe because both mornings have been really warm and too hot for the birds to fly, so instead they sat in the trees and sang for me! The smell of the roses in this warm weather is gorgeous and I am amazed at how many blooms open out after just one day of hot weather.

My guests and garden are keeping me on my toes - but still a little time to stitch. Last weekend I put together some more of my Gingham Girls blocks - I now have blocks one through to eight done, except for six which I'm not sure how but I missed, so I'm doing that one now. So, here's seven.....
.... and here's eight....

I'm hoping to start the first stitchery tonight for a new block of the month quilt designed by Marie Claude of Les Secrets de Marie. Barb Smith has done the stitcheries for the quilt and they are so beautiful. I'll show you next week (hopefully!!). And the second block of Vero's mystery quilt needs attention too! So this afternoon, while the child is playing cricket ( I know, a good mother should be there watching, but honestly, I did try (once) a few years back and I was really really bored!!) I will happily rummage for fabrics for Vero's block and trace out stitchery number one for Marie's quilt.

Happy stitching

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Divine Treat!

A couple of weeks back I decided to treat myself to a very very delicious quilt kit - I lusted after this fabric when I was still at The Stitchery but decided against ordering it as I wasn't quite sure of future plans when the ordering needed to be done! I regretted it! So, on a whim I surfed the internet and found that a certain shop was offering it as a kit. Without a second thought I ordered it. (Actually there were quite a few second thoughts - I felt I needed to justify the purchase until I decided that no justification was needed at all - the purchase was a necessity!) This is how it arrived - the bag is a heavy textured cotton fabric and absolutely gorgeous.....
...but what was inside was even better! Just look at this...

"Rouenneries" by French General. The fabrics look so divine that I wont pull the bundles apart for a while - they can sit and look pretty on my table for a while. Even the ribbon that ties them is fabulous. What a treat to arrive in the post. A very special project to look forward to, sometime in the New Year.

I don't have any stitching to show you this week - I have been stitching though, but just not quite enough! Maybe after the weekend. We had our last class of the Vintage Decorations last night and we made the little angel. One of the girls had us nearly in tears from laughter (kind laughter though). She showed us her pin cushion ... and I thought that I absolutely had to share it with you (with her permission of course)......

I love it! Cute ay!

Time to go and sort some fabrics for the next project, and pat the French General ones of the way past.

Happy Stitching