Saturday, October 22, 2011

What can I say?

Ooops - what can I say?  The last time I was here, our boys in black were about to kick off the competition, and now they are about to close it!  Guess where I will be come 9 tomorrow night - bring it on!!

I had to laugh this morning - the child obviously did not have much to do last night. Instead of spending some quality time with his school books (I have been gently reminding him about a certain event happening in a few weeks time, called exams!!) he clearly decided that my lappie needed a facelift.  Normally I have a pretty flowery picture as my screensaver - you know, something to make you smile and think of summery days - well, this morning when I logged on - not a single pretty flower in sight!  Instead, an action shot of a mud-covered downhill rider, in full flight. Kinda feels like my lappie has been invaded or hi-jacked or something!! 

What between a very busy month at the B & B,  Jakes downhill race season in full swing, spring gardening and rugby games to watch (of course:) - there 'aint been a whole lot of time for stitching.  I did put a few sweet little hexies together for a new cushion for one of the guest rooms - I wanted pretty spring colours....

   ...and I made up some little lavender bags, using lavender I had cut from the garden last year, and decorated with a gorgeous little birdie by Barb ...

I've done a little more on the cross stitch - Stacy Nash's Tribute to Summer - it sat idle for a few weeks, but now I'm back into it - I pulled a colour out that I didn't like, and feel much happier with the look now.

Spring has been keeping me busy - there's more about that over on the cottage blog.  The growth is phenomenal and the colours extraordinary. And I so wish you could smell the perfume of the wisteria that is starting to bloom - it's heavenly...

We've been all over the place these last few weeks with the child and his bike - up here at Living Springs where he was given the dubious award of ''crash of the day'' - wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry about that one, but both he and the bike miraculously escaped relatively unharmed.  What about the views though - it's such an incredibly beautiful part of the country..

...and down to Bluff for the Secondary School Champs where he did good !!   And yes, we did go to the chip shop - how could we not - they are the best:)...

This weekend I am delighted that the race is right here in Dunedin - yah!!  I am not even going to think about what state he will come home in tonight after practising all day, cos we have had so much rain this week that I'm sure it will be a mud bath and he will be caked from head to toe in the stuff. 

Time to go - I am trying to decide if I will feel too guilty about sitting down in the middle of the day and doing some more of my cross stitch :))  It's just so lovely and peaceful, and there's no one in at the moment, so who would know:)

See you later