Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Down the garden path!

Nearly went for a skate down the front path this morning as I was gingerly heading for the car, basket and container of hot water in one hand, and handbag in the other. To have been unceremoniously dumped on my rear at that hour of the morning would have been too much! But I made it to the car upright, though the heart rate was just a little faster. Then the next thing to sort was the lock - frozen solid! Yes, it was a very good frost this morning. Thankfully the lock on the other side was less frozen and we managed to get in that way. Oh the joys of winter.

I have been stitching a little project folder using the Beach House range of fabrics again - I love these colours, particularly the blues and browns. This is the outside...
..and the inside..

I'm really happy with the way it has turned out. I also wanted to show you some of Barb's gorgeous new buttons that arrived this week - aren't they just amazing. Just imagine these decorating a stitchery project, or maybe a gift tag, or a little linen bag... the possibilities are endless.

And how about this gorgeous creature... idea is taking shape - I'm off to find the linen - I know it's around here somewhere.

Keep warm, and watch out for ice!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gorgeous Fabrics

Today is very bleak and wintry - it was even snowing/hailing/raining on the way to work this morning. Guess who is sitting quite close (actually make that very close) to the heater! These turned up today and I just thought they were so gorgeous and bright and cheery that I had to show them to you. They are fabrics by Verna Mosquera - I've not had any of her designs before and they are definitely delectable!
That's all - no stitching to show today - hope these bring a smile to your face on a very chilly day.

Keep warm and happy stitching.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bragging Rights!

Am I allowed to brag? I hope so, just a little. First up on Saturday, my son, Jake, was playing in a soccer tournament and they won! Last year, in the same tournament, it came down to penalty shoot outs and sadly they missed out. Jake is the goalie, and words cannot express the agony of a mother watching her son trying to fend off penalty goals - it's just plain awful! ( I know what you are thinking - ''imagine what it must be like to be the goalie" which is a fair point, but it's nearly as bad, I think, to be the mother on the sideline!) Thankfully, though, this year there were no shoot outs and congratulations to the whole team. Then, secondly, my nephew, Hayden, won the Rally of Otago - fantastic race, Hayden! And congratulations to you, too.

It was a pretty nice weekend here - good enough to lure me into the garden on Saturday afternoon - that's saying something as I am most definitely not a winter gardener - but it was lovely and mild and the perfect day for attacking with the secatuers.

I have finished the next Gingham Girls stitchery - very cute - check out the cat!

Also, put the final stitches into the Snowman block of Viv's Christmas Thyme quilt.

And speaking of Christmas - look what turned up this morning - this is the panel from Nancy Halvorsen's Christmas range - ''I Believe..."

I know, it's a little early to be talking about Christmas but I just couldn't resist showing you the panel.

This is my little doll, Alice. She's my class model! I had so much fun making her and think I might just have to do another one.
Happy Stitching


Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Stitching

This was my idea of a perfect Mother's Day - spending the whole afternoon stitching! The fire was going, so it was nice and warm and cosy while it was trying its best to snow outside (but it didn't at our house), and the Gingham Girls and I kept company! Here's the two stitchery pieces for block one - meet the girls..........

Cake anyone?

Debbie's been busy too - she brought these in to stitching group on Friday - her latest Kitty block (think this is my favourite so far)....

And these are the next two pink blocks. So sweet.

It's getting really chilly outside, so it will be another night by the fire, checking out block two! Keep warm.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I gave in to temptation!

I have no willpower! I just couldn't resist going home on Tuesday night and starting the Gingham Girls. Do you find that some things absolutely have to be started straight away, no matter how many other projects you have on the go? But.... I did finish something first. Barb Smith makes these gorgeous little sewing machine buttons and I had one to play with so made a lovely little old-fashioned looking pin cushion. I quite like this vintage look.

By the time I had finished that it was getting a little later into the evening, so only managed to do a little stithing of ''the girls'' - see, how could anyone resist stitching these fabulous ladies!

I have some gorgeous work to show you, stitched by Linda. This is a Cinderberry Stitches pattern and I love the colours Linda chose. Aren't these little treasures beautiful!

Last week I received a letter from Pam in Australia who overdyes stranded cotton threads, and she sent a sample of some the colours. Well, again who could resist!!!
I ordered the complete range, but what do you think of this sampling of the colours. Brenda Ryan uses these threads in much of her work and I can see why - wonder how fast the postie can get these here?

And I had to show you another very cute little range of fabric that arrived yesterday - very different to the Moda I showed you earlier, I know, but still Wow!

I'm thinking - what will look good in this fabric?
Keep warm and happy stitching.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bon Voyage Mum!

My Mum, the intrepid traveller, is on her way to South America today, for three months! Bon voyage Mum - what an adventure. It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow she will be exploring the city of Quito, Ecquador. The stories she will have to tell on her return will be incredible I am sure. Places she has been and people she has met. I will definitely miss our telephone chats, though, for the next three months - email is great but it is just not quite the same as a chat is it!

This little treasure disappeared a few months back, you might remember. Well, this is version two and I'm happy now!

I've also done a couple more of the lovely little stitcheries for Viv's Christmas quilt - a pudding....

and a tree....

Am currently working on the next block which is snowmen and some writing. But... I'm about to go into a headspin as Natalie's new quilt, "Tail Feathers", is coming through very soon and Bronwyn's ''Gingham Girls'' is here!!! Now, both of these quilts absolutely have to be done of course! The patterns for the "Gingham Girls" are sitting on the desk in front of me as I write - the temptation to do nothing else today but start stitching the first pattern is huge!!! Perhaps I should move them to a place where I can't see them - that would be the sensible thing to do - or.... maybe just a peek at the first pattern sheet!

Have a look at this fabulous range of fabric just arrived yesterday - "Beach House" by Blackbird Designs for Moda. Isn't it just so delicious - these soft blues, reds and greens always look so wonderful. Hmmm - I wonder how ''Gingham Girls'' would go in these fabrics, not that I have got it on my mind or anything!

I have decided I will be good (and sensible) and do what I have to do today before peeking. So I'm going to go and do those things now, so that I can peek soon!!!
Happy Stitching