Friday, January 31, 2014

Finished it!

I don't know about you,
but I'm way too good
at starting projects and
finishing them!!
not this time.
Knitting needles have a new home :)
... look at them,
all happily squirrelled away ...

... you know how you get an idea
and sometimes
it actually does come together
pretty much as you imagined it.
this one did and
 I really like it :)
I used a gorgeous old duchess cloth
as the base and then stitched
 bits and pieces
all over it
and of course a little stitching,
buttons and lace ...
... this is what I find,
when I open the bag,
choose some needles,
and start another project ...
... have a happy weekend :)
See you
Jenny :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

For Jake :)

Okay - so this one is for Jake:)
I'm on a bit of a mission -
fund-raising for my boy :)
He's off to France in June,
to race enduro.
But wow -
the costs are staggering!!!
Insurance alone is
just a 1/4''
under two thousand.
I thought - maybe I could sell
some of my quilts.
So ...
 if you know anyone that might like
a hand-stitched treasure,
tell them to take a peek here :)
There's the lovely little
red and white quilt,
one of Rosalie Quinlan's designs...
... never been used,
apart from hanging on the wall
in my shop for a few months...
... measures 48'' x 48'' ...
... each block has a different
 red or pink fabric...

... has a hanging sleeve on the back ...

... quality quilters muslin backing ...
... hand stitched by yours truly :)
Then there is
''Vintage Garden''.
I think this may have been
Natalie's (Cinderberry Stitches) first
block of the month quilt.
... hand stitched blocks ...
... gorgeous vintage inspired floral fabrics ...
... measures 52'' x 52'' ...
... vintage floral backing fabric ...

... pretty and cute ...
And then there is
"Love Is".
If memory serves me well,
this was the second block of the month quilt
I stitched,
and offered,
from my Geraldine days.
Loved every stitch of it:)


... this picture is actually taken
in ''The Stitchery''.

... gorgeous selection of green and pink fabrics ...

... measures 56'' x 56'' ...

... has hanging sleeve and is backed with the same
fabric as the borders around the blocks ...

... I notice on this last block that I have added -
"stitched by Jenny - '05 "
was it really nearly ten years ago
that I stitched this quilt?
these three are the first.
I may add more next week.
Just leave a comment
 if you would like more details.
Thanks :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sample Quilt

Have been thinking of a way to collect
all my stitching samples
You know -
all the ones I did for the shops,
and the studio,
and just for me just for fun.
I thought,
a quilt would be the answer.
Randomly stitch and piece them together,
and see what happens.
So I've begun to collect them all up -
some are still in their raw unfinished state,
others had become cushions
and others...
wall hangings.
I've cut them out of the cushions
and the wall hangings,
and this is what is happening ...
... this is the first stitchery I ever did -
a gorgeous wee design by Lara Siddons -
stitched not long after opening my shop
in Geraldine.
Who knew way back then
that this was the beginning of
a passion for stitching :)
...another of Lara's designs ...
... this is one of Barb's - love her birdies :)
... feel a little bad about this one,
cos I can't for the life of me
remember whose design it is.
(sorry :( )

... this one goes way back to the early days too -
one of Brenda Ryan's absolutely gorgeous designs -
of which I still have a few more tucked away
to stitch over the next few years :)

... more of Brenda's designs :)

... and the cutest little bunnies,
from a Rabbits Haven pattern.
It's what I've been working on today,
a good start don't you think :)
There are loads more to do yet,
but I think it's going to work,
and I think it's going to look
pretty good.
I hope :)
Meant to show you what I was working on last week.
My stitchy mojo is back in full swing :)
This is the beginnings of a new bag
for my knitting needles :)
I'm soooo happy with how it's turning out ...
Have just stitched random favourite
bits and pieces
onto a big background piece of linen,
and then I'll sew it up into a longish bag shape.
Have done a bit of hand stitching on it since
this photo was taken,
but next post I will hopefully
have it finished to show.
(if I don't get too sidetracked
with other ideas first :) )
I stitched one of my most favourite sayings
onto the bag as well.
I may go and make some more blocks now.
Was going to go for a run,
but honestly,
the wind is absolutely howling here
trying to run in a Dunners force 10 headwind
aint no fun!!!
It can wait :)
See you
Jenny :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Piece of Pink

I found a piece of pink cardigan
that I had chopped off
to make a long cardigan short.
I remember thinking at the time I chopped it off
that I should keep the remnant
just in case :)
Well, just as well:)
This is what I decided to do
with the piece of pink.
Hearts :)
...with a little bit of linen,
and my favourite buttons
handmade by my
When I finish here I'm going to the sewing room.
My hearts need a backing,
a pretty little wire hanger,
a smidgen of stuffing
and lots of lavender.
on Saturday I went for a little day trip.
I offered to drive someone to an event,
thinking it would be a nice excuse for a day out,
I didn't know it would mean
a 4.30 a.m. start!!!!
(am pretty sure he forgot to mention that minor detail,
though I can't imagine why!!)
Have to say,
I didn't exactly bounce out of bed
(come on - who bounces at that time of the morning!)
but you know what -
it turned out to be one of those perfect days:)
This was the view
from the top of the mountain
when we arrived.
And about an hour later
it was warming up
and looking so pretty.
I had a few hours to myself after leaving the mountain.
Was in two minds as which way to turn
when I got to the bottom.
I went left :)
Come for a walk ...
around the streets of
... very very pretty cafes ...

... down a side alley ...
... the lolly shop ...

... the bread shop ...

... really cute cottages ...
...the prettiest gardens..
...shiny red ...
...cute little churches too ...
... and close the gate please on your way out ...
Gorgeous little town:)
Now it's coffee time,
freshly baked banana cake,
and stitching hearts :)
See you.
Jenny :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The day in flowers :)

Day one of the new year,
and no resolutions have been made
'cos I'm not convinced
that resolutions matter.
For me it's more about
and planning,
and a bit of dreaming,
about where the new year will take you
(if you let it).
I made this little needle case
for a friend for Christmas.
I am so pleased with the colours
and of course
every needle case
needs to be decorated 
with one of Barb's
 truly gorgeous

... and
it wouldn't be quite right,
without some very very pretty
vintage lace...

it's been a blissfully
quiet and relaxing day at home today.
Sadly the sun has not really
made much of an appearance,
but I did manage a little garden time
before the rain started again!!
These had self-seeded in my little vegetable patch
and I just couldn't bear to pull them out ...

So with camera in hand
of course I had to have a wander round
and here's what I found ...

So there you are -
that's the day in flowers :)
Now I have a little idea I want to play with -
involving a needle,
some linen,
and my favourite shade of blue :)
Happy New Year!
Jenny :)