Thursday, February 20, 2014

Button Bags

Wow, it is the most fabulous sunny and warm day
here in Dunners today.
Picked a good day for my day off :)
Lunch outside in the sun,
blissfully quiet
and peaceful.
I have been making these little
button bags again.
I have a gazillion spare buttons:)
They'd make a cute wee gift
for a stitchy friend,
don't you think.
They're on the
bits and pieces page on the side bar
if you'd like one :)
I am thinking about going outside into the garden.
Whether I actually do anything,
....oh lets see....
for instance,
is possibly quite unlikely :)
I may just sit and soak up the sun :)
See you later

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bunnie Baskets

I found a couple of these
lurking in my sewing room today.
The pattern comes complete with the
gorgeous little blue and pink
easter bunnie buttons,
hand painted
but the equally gorgeous
Barb :)
(and you can see more of those
beautiful buttons here).
I've popped them on the
''sale'' page,
over on the side bar.
See you :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

French General

I made this quilt top
a couple of years ago and
it's still a quilt top.
I suspect that in another couple of years
it will still be just a top...
think I might sell it.
Have been busy at work
getting ready for all the lovely new yarn
that's arriving...
possibly this week:)
Quite excited about that.
I have a feeling that my
 knitting needles
 crochet hooks,
might be quite busy
this year.
See you :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pretty little things.

There's a new tab
on the side bar.
Quilts and other bits and pieces
for sale.
I'll be popping ''stuff'' on there
every so often :)
Hopefully quite often :)
Pretty little things,
buttons and bows,
linen and lace,
and who knows what else.
Some bargains too.
Go have a wee look :)
Have a lovely day :)
See you

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bunnies :)

I know,
I should have been in the garden today,
but I had bunnies on my mind :)
A couple of nights ago,
while out pounding the pavements,
I was thinking about these
little bunnies
that I first made
 a couple of years back.
I wondered about
doing them in linen and lace.
So ...
it was my day off today ...
chores were done in record time,
and then I was off to the sewing room.
To indulge in a little bit of whimsy.
Bliss :)
Some of you will know
that I have a bit of a soft spot
for bunnies.
linen and lace
and buttons and hearts :)
So I put them all together ...
... a bit of lace ...
... little pink heart ...

... maybe I should make a boy bunnie ...
I do like my little bunnies,
and I think I might end up
making a few more.
Have a lovely whimsical week.
See you,