Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a little bit of cross stitch

Today's the day - our boys in black kick off!!!  This has absolutely nothing to do with stitching, I know, but it's quite exciting if you like the game, and I do like rugby :)   So (and here's where the stitching part comes in) with a bit of luck I will get to spend some quality stitching time late at night watching the highlights.  Stitching time lately has been sadly lacking - just a little bit of cross stitch.  This wee sweetie is from a book I bought when we went to Oz a couple of months back and I made it up into a little needlecase.

And I've made a start of one of Stacy Nash's newest designs - a Tribute to Summer - I really love this sampler and can see it hanging perfectly in the Garden Room.

There's been a bit of stitchery happening too - but they are a little bit secret yet, so can't show you - very very cute though :) 

The child is off to Cyde this weekend, for his first race of the season.  The track he's riding is diabolical, though he tells me ''it's fine, Mum'' (huh!! - ''fine'' - since when did "fine" mean vertical drop over rocks, ledges and sheer mountainsides!!!), so in a sense, I'm glad that I won't be there to watch him this time - but on the other hand.....

Spring has been keeping me very busy in the garden - my gorgeous bluebells are just starting to bloom - I think they may be my favourite spring flower, although apple blossom is right up there too:)

This gorgeous wood pigeon visits often - well, maybe it's not the same one, but sure looks like the same one.  They love this tree - nibble away on the flowers and seeds for ages. 

It is the most amazing spring day here in Dunedin - I think I just might go make myself a cup of coffee and sit in the sunshine and do absolutely nothing for ten minutes.  Then I might think about what I should be doing, and sit for another ten minutes :)
Enjoy your day:)