Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Sixteen :)

I'm not entirely sure that applies to boys, does it??  But he sure was sweet way back then ...

Actually, he's still pretty sweet, just in a more ''blokey'' way :) Just like to know one thing, though - how did those 16 years go so fast?? Makes you think, doesn't it.  Happy birthday, Jake - may you achieve everything you work hard for, may you always live life with a sense of adventure, be truthful in all that you do, be kind to your friends and don't break too many bones when you are hurtling down mountains at ridiculous speeds!!! 

In between making beds and breakfasts, I've done a little more stitching - and I've finished the sampler - I love it:)) I'm thinking I might have a go at framing it myself - any tips?

While I was finishing off the sampler, I was thinking about my next project, as you do.  Way back, who knows when, certainly pre-Dunedin days, I started a gorgeous Lavender and Lace cross stitch called ''The Spirit of Christmas''.  I worked on it solidly for a few months, and then for some reason it got side lined.  Well, how's this for discipline - I found it, and I'm finishing it:)  When I pulled it from it's hidey place, I realised I still really loved it, and it definitely needed to be finished.  So that's what I've been working on for the past few nights. He's pretty gorgeous, don't you think! 

I think I may just have to stitch a little more on Santa right now :)  It's like a winter's day outside, the child is working, and I've got about an hour before I have to begin birthday dinner preparations.  So really, what else is there to do:)

See you

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hearts and crosses.

I remember now one of the reasons I stopped doing cross stitch all the years ago - because it is horrendously addictive!!  But it's very very enjoyable, so I can forgive the addictiveness of it :)  This is where I'm at with my Stacy Nash Tribute to Summer sampler...

... so I'm just working around the floral border now, and then I get to choose another pattern to start :) 

Also made some wee Christmas hearts this week - some of them have Barbs gorgeous buttons on them, and the others, I played with words.  Hearts are just the most lovely shape to work with - anything with hearts is okay by me.

Tonight I get to go to the childs' senior prize giving ceremony - I was semi looking forward to it, until he told me that it will last for three hours!!!  THREE HOURS!!! Give me strength!!!  Do you think they would notice if I take my stitching??
See you,