Thursday, January 1, 2015


Okay, so I've missed the Christmas episode,
and too late for the New Years Eve one as well!
It's been a while...again!!
So I will start by wishing you all
happy, creative, adventurous
new year :)
I think it's going to be a
particularly good one for all of us :)
...not into making resolutions,
but like many I tend to reflect
on the year gone by...
remembering the good
and a little of the not so good.
But then I move on...
to think about the year ahead.
The possibilities are endless,
only limited by imagination and choice,
and there is always, always choice.
One of the choices I made
this past year
was to go to France for a little holiday.
Perhaps what made it all the more exciting
was that it was totally unplanned.
I had a choice...
to go or not to go
(long story)
and literally overnight
I went!
Three of the most ''alive'' weeks of my life.
Amazing in every single sense.
I will most definitely be returning
to that part of the world...

Another choice I made,
on my return,
was to join instagram.
Such an incredibly inspiring forum.
As some of you will know,
I don't really go many places
without my camera.
Very much a complete amateur
but I do love taking photos of pretty things :)
If you want to be inspired by beautiful images
and incredibly creative people,
then go check out instagram.
Perhaps one of the reasons,I think,
why I am here a little less often.
Ooops :)
Big stitchy choice I made,
was to do more of it !!
Loving the feel of needle and thread
in hand again.
A little of what I've been doing ...

...been working on a series of
the little mannequins...
have got one to go.
Then to put it all together :)
 And of course,
there is the garden...
it's hard not to be inspired
by the beauty of flowers.

 So it is New Years Day.
I will be spending a good part of it
in the garden.
In the sunshine,
amongst the flowers :)

The year that has been,
has been :)
It was a learning year, this one.
A little tough at times, still,
but there were also times
of phenomenal happiness
and pride.
And these made it all okay :)
So incredibly proud of my son,
and proud of what I have achieved
at work this past year.
I am looking forward to this year,
the choices to come.
Have a happy day :)