Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trains and Bikes

I have been stitching this week but I can't show you hardly any of it - how frustrating! This is all I can show you of some of it ....

...but after Christmas I can show you the whole picture! It's pretty cute I reckon.

This is a little bag that I can show you - one of Leanne Beasleys new patterns - it's a real wee sweetie. I'm oh so close to finally finishing my Days in Provence quilt - just got the binding to go and that will be hand-stitched in place tonight, as I watch Men in Black! (Jake's choice of movie, not mine!).

So, what's trains and bikes got to do with anything I can hear you ask. Well, I thought I'd show you what else we've been doing this week - we went on a train ride! It's been years and years and years since I rode a train and it was great fun. We took in the sights of the Taieri Gorge which were spectacular.

Viaducts and tunnels by the dozen!

And bikes - well, this mother got to see her son in proper downhill racing action for the first time last Sunday - here's the group of them before they head off up the hill...........

... and here's a really bad shot of Jake coming down the hill........

This picture was taken in haste (and with heart in mouth!) and does not show you, at all, the extent of the drop!!! Had I known in advance........well, lets just say that the next time I find a ''watching position'' I will make sure that it is not at a drop - I would rather not know! I do have a new found respect for my son's skill, but I do seriously have to question his sanity at the same time. Not sure how long it took them to get up the hill, but I do know that it took him 2 minutes and 59 seconds to come down it!!

Yesterday we had our Friday Stitchers Christmas party - lots and lots of chocolate! Yum! Just had to show you a pic of what Debbie made - she had a whole basket of these gorgeous apple pin cushions - all in red and white - and each of us was lucky enough to receive one. Thanks Debbie - they are so cute.

And finally - I have been waiting very patiently for a few weeks now for these gorgeous blooms - they are the palest prettiest pink and just absolutely amazing. The wait was definitely worth it.

Not many sleeps now til the big fellow in the red suit comes visiting! Hope you've got all your last minute pressies sorted - I'm done (nearly) and have a few days to potter around before Christmas - now that's a bit of a novelty for me.
I have a few new projects to start - hmmm - which will be first?
Happy stitching

Monday, December 7, 2009

On a Roll!

On Saturday when you know who was playing cricket and you know who wasn't watching, I ticked some things off "the list". I've now got the first eight blocks of the Gingham Girls all stitched together and have to say I'm really delighted with it.
Also, I finished off block two of Vero's Mystery quilt....

... and I also finished my Summer Sampler cushion which I love! This is one of Crabapple Hill Studio's beautiful patterns - they also do a Spring, Winter and Autumn sampler so guess who will be working their way through all four.

I sorted out fabrics for Christmas presents, cut them, and started stitching one as well. I tell you, I was on a roll!! Then I went and picked the child up - he told me that he had bowled really really well, but didn't want to talk about his batting!! He was still smiling though.

Yesterday I played with my sewing machine again - well, it was a wet old day so what better way to spend it. Made a little bag, the same as the Christmas one that I'm teaching at the Christmas club classes this week - I needed to remind myself how it went, so thought I would do a non-Christmas bag as another sample and couldn't help myself - I had to decorate with one of Barb's gorgeous new birdie buttons.
Now I'm off to start sewing some of those pressies because as usual I have left it way too late. I do this every year! I always have great intentions of being organised and starting early but it never seems to happen. I know that it can be done, though, as there are people who have told me they have Christmas all sorted out by the middle of the year - to which I have one question - HOW!!! But you know what, Christmas Eve just wouldn't feel right unless I wasn't stitching something to finish off a present.

Happy Stitching (and lots of it!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Side-tracked by Santas.

I've had a couple of days off this week and I had all these plans. Hmmmm! I didn't get to tick many things off ''the list'' though - I got a little side-tracked! By these ..... Santa's, trees and baubles. Decorating the house. I went for silver and glass for the big tree....

... and then there's the tree with the santa's and the elves, the reindeer and fairies, stockings and puddings, hearts and tags....

....more santa's...

....the red and white corner....

...and guess what, more santa's.
I have done a little stitching as well - finished the last part of block 6 of the Gingham Girls, so now I can put it together with 5, 7 and 8 and finish the row.

I've also started stitching a new block of the month quilt which I will be offering next year - another gorgeous mystery quilt from France, this one designed by Marie-Claude of Les Secrets de Marie. As you know I love Barb Smiths designs and Barb has done the stitcheries for this quilt - this is part of the first block. Gorgeous cat, dont you think - I love the cat's expression! I'm not going to piece the blocks yet, though, as I have a range of Moda fabrics arriving early next year that will, I hope, be perfect for this quilt.
After a coffee on the front porch this morning, this is where I spent the rest of the day.... amongst the roses and delphiniums.

A pretty perfect day!
Hope yours was too.